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IT Consulting

IT consulting for your restart

IT consulting for your restart

You have established a new business area or a new business process and would like to know which IT you need to implement the tasks efficiently and cost-effectively? Then ask LinoPro for IT consulting. Our team of software developers and software architects has many years of experience in software development. We are particularly experienced in the fields of software development in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

IT consulting for your existing system landscape

Your software landscape has "grown historically", but does not fit together? Are you still manually copying data and documents from one software application to another? The different programs don't communicate or communicate badly with each other? Then it may be time to streamline and harmonize your system landscape so that the costs for maintenance and further development do not get out of hand in the long run. We are happy to help you with our IT consulting.

IT consulting for your digitalisation

IT consulting for your digitalisation

Everyone is talking about it, but how can digitisation be implemented correctly? We analyze your company and your business processes. Building on this, we work with you to develop a digitization strategy. This will tell you which construction sites in your company you have to work through first in order to stay ahead of the competition. With IT consulting from LinoPro, you are innovative where digitalisation really gives you an advantage.


Do you have questions?

Do you need advice on the subject of IT? We are happy to support you in all questions concerning software.

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