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design automation

Faster than the competition

The costly and time-consuming creation of production documents for your products costs you too much of your margin? Then it's time for a tailor-made software solution to automate your design!


Software Re-Engineering

The past under control

Do you use your own legacy software in your department whose technical platform will no longer be available in the foreseeable future? Is the business logic and/or data model of the software poorly documented or not at all? In this case we help you to restore the lost know-how. Then we make your company software fit for the future.


Custom software solutions

Your company in the spotlight

Your employees still spend too much time with manual processes? Your competitors have upgraded their software and your customers are beginning to think you are a technological dinosaur? Then ask LinoPro how custom software development can make your company more efficient.


optimization methods

productivity turbo

Is your planning task still solved by whiteboard and calculator? Then you are no longer satisfied with mediocre solutions. Let us help you tap all the potential offered by mathematical optimisation! Experience shows that even simple optimization procedures can often lead to significant savings compared to manual planning!


IT consulting

Knowing what's going on

Sie möchten ein neues Geschäftsfeld erschließen und benötigen die passende Software dafür? Ihr Unternehmen soll digitaler werden, Sie wüssten aber gern wie? Ihre bestehende IT-Systemlandschaft müsste dringend überholt werden? Als IT-Unternehmen mit mehr als 20 Jahren am Markt beraten wir Sie gern zur Einführung oder Umstellung von System- und Anwendungssoftware. Wir erhalten für unsere Beratung keine Provision von anderen IT-Unternehmen. Daher bekommen Sie von LinoPro eine unabhängige Fachberatung von IT-Fachleuten.



Do you have questions?

Would you like to revise your existing software? Or are you thinking about developing a completely new software solution? Then ask us how we can help you!

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