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Design automation

Faster than the competitors

The extensive and time-consuming creation of manufacturing documents for your products eats up a major portion of your margin? Well, then it’s time for a tailored software solution for the automation of your design process!


Software Re-Engineering

Seizing the past

In your department, you are using old software, owned by the company, of which the technical platform is going to be unavailable in the foreseeable future? In addition, the business logic and/or the data model of the software are documented poorly or not at all? In this case, we help you to restore lost knowledge. Afterward, we will overhaul your company software to face the future.


Individual software solutions

Focusing on your company

“If there was a program which had these or those functionalities, we could save a lot of time or money and spare our nerves, too”. Should you have come across this thought before, but you never had an opportunity to realize your idea, we are the ones who can help you out.


Mathematical optimization

Boosting your productivity

Don’t content yourself with mediocre solutions if there are complex planning tasks in your company. Instead, let us help you to open up all existing potentials that a mathematical optimization brings about! Experience shows that simple optimization methods are often sufficient to realize significant savings compared to a manual planning.


Design services and technical editing

Support for your team

Do strong peak demands affect your technical departments? Would you like to focus on the development of your products and outsource downstream activities like the derivation of manufacturing documents or the creation of user manuals? In these cases, we quickly and straightforwardly support you in the preparation of design and documentation files for your products in German and English.


Road to success