LinoPro's Innovation Manager shows full commitment

Our new Innovation Manager also spares no tough challenges in his free time: Vincent Baumgart (in the foreground), with LinoPro since the beginning of July 2019, took part in the Tough Mudder Event at the Lausitzring for the first time this year. He waded five kilometres through mud pits, crawled through the dirt, waded through brooks, balanced on slacklines over waters and overcame a rope net pyramid. "The hardest obstacles were the three metre high wooden walls called 'Berlin Walls'", Vincent reports after his run. They were so encrusted with mud that they could only be overcome with lots of toil and often only with help.

LinoPro's Innovation Manager Vincent Baumgart during the Tough Mudder race

Tough Mudder aims to promote team building and make overcoming obstacles a community experience. Sports enthusiast and jogger Vincent is setting up the sales department at LinoPro and spent the first few months cleaning up old processes as well as establishing new ones. Obstacles spur him on and the LinoPro team supports him. "Next year I'll definitely be back at the Tough Mudder," Vincent is sure. Some colleagues from LinoPro will then accompany him to make Tough Mudder a team experience for LinoPro as well. In 2020, Vincent wants to tackle the 15-kilometer distance instead of the five. The obstacles on the longer distance are even more ambitious. As said before: LinoPro's Innovation Manager is looking for the challenge.