LinoPro supports your product development

Your company's competitiveness depends on innovative and high-performance products. As an engineering office, we support our customers' development projects at a very early stage. LinoPro's engineering office will accompany you through the entire development process; from the idea to the final product ready for series production. In the coming weeks, we will present to you the various stages of product development using the example of the LP-LX4 transport drone.

LinoPro's transport drone

We know how crucial the early stages are for the success of product development. This is why we place particular emphasis on the concept and design phase in our engineering office. Together with you, we define the product requirements through a market and trend analysis, before we develop the product concept. Initial drafts and variants are examined in a feasibility study. On this basis, we can evaluate together with our customers whether the project goals can be achieved economically and technically. Already at this early stage of product development, we carry out preliminary calculations in order to fulfill the boundary conditions. 

Once the right basic concept has been found, the market analyzed and the feasibility confirmed, a CAD model is drafted in the design phase of product development and completed with all details ready for production in the subsequent design phase. The experienced engineers and designers of our design office pay attention to reasonable and stable assembly structures. Parallel to the design phase, our design office calculates individual parts, assemblies and connecting elements using various methods: These include, as required, statics analyses, FEM calculations and screw verifications. In this way, the model is successively optimized and it is checked whether alternative materials should be considered.

Of course, LinoPro's design office creates all accompanying documentation for you, because the clean and complete documentation of a product development forms the basis for production and sales: You want to illustrate a process or a sequence? Then we will be happy to help you animate and visualize your ideas, whether for advertising purposes or for order acquisition. Do you need production documents and customer documents? Our engineering office will prepare calculations, assembly and manufacturing drawings, parts lists and manuals for you on request.

If you wish, we can already start your project next week. If you have any questions about individual aspects of product development, the concept and design phase, CAD services or technical documentation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our contact person at the LinoPro engineering office.

> 1st step: The concept phase

> 2nd step: The feasibility analysis